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Kolb’s Learning Theory

Kolb’s Learning Theory

Kolb’s learning theory states that there are 4 learning styles, which the Honey and Mumford Questionnaire is based. Kolb also theorises that there is a four stage learning cycle-(Kolb and Fry (1975))

Concrete Experience –

Reflective Observation –

Abstract Conceptualization –

Active Experimentation –

Without going too far into depth you can use this model to improve your study skills. I have used it to utilise my previous learning experiences and progress my successes and failures, weaknesses and strengths into actions to allow me to avoid making the same mistakes again and expand things that I feel I have done well to allow me to make progress and continue to evolve my study skills. I started by completing the Honey and Mumford Learning styles Questionnaire, but am progressing this by applying the learning model to my previous experience in study. By thinking of times that my learning outcome has not been what i wanted or i have not felt that my ability in an area was what it should be I am using Kolb’s theory to formulate alternative solutions, which was a previous weakness that I had identified in my self assessment. I feel that this is enabling me to both develop my study skills and also learn to formulate alternate solutions to the problems that i find!


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