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Fantastic feedback!

To allow me to reflect on the development of my Blog and its content I would really appreciate it if you could give me a few lines of feedback in the comments section below, Thank you 🙂

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Reflecting on reflection!

The ability to identify our goals, assess our abilities, plan to achieve them and especially to REFLECT on our progress is becoming more and more important in completing my assignments to the level that we are trying to achieve.

It is a skill that we are learning in this course of study but it will translate into the real world as it is essential in almost all jobs to be able to identify issues, formulate a plan to remedy the issue, carry out the plan and also REFLECT on how it went- strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures in order to learn from our experiences and progress to continually to ensure our Personal and Professional Development.

I have researched the reflection skills that I will need to successfully produce and effective piece of writing for my assignments. I found that Leeds Met have some brilliant pages on the web with in depth details of how to use the theoretical reflection skills in a practical setting. (I have added these to my blogroll) I feel that I have a clear idea of what I am being asked to do and of what is relevant to the given topics. In REFLECTION I feel that achieving my goal of producing an excellent assignment is one step closer to being achieved through my research and extensive reading on the subject. Confidence comes from Knowledge! 🙂


“…an activity in which people recapture their
experience, think about it, mull over it and
evaluate it.” (Boud, Keogh and Walker

“…through reflection and analysis we strive
to understand the experience.” (Osterman
and Kottkamp (1993))

“Reflective practice is a mode that links
thought and action with reflection. It
involves critically analysing one’s actions
with the goal of improving one’s
professional practice.” (Kottkamp (1990))
“A dialogue of thinking and doing through
which I become more skilful.” (Schön


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