Assignment Fever!

We are nearing the time when Assignment hand-ins are starting. To ensure that I am on target I have completed an evaluation and assessment of how I feel my work is progressing and also identify the skills that I have learned which are particularly helping me complete my work.


I feel that I am a little behind with my assignments as typing is difficult (due to having a pot on my right hand) but I am happy with the preparation that I did before hand and I feel that I have a good grasp on the subjects that we have covered in classes. The class topics that I have found particularly useful are referencing and the mock presentation that we did in Business Law. The referencing information was really helpful and easy to follow so it really clarified the subject for me as well as giving practical examples of how to reference different medias both within your work and in your referencing sheet.

I found the on the spot mini presentation brilliant practice, split into teams we had just 30 minutes to prepare and present on a surprise topic we were given. I didn’t have time to get nervous and remembered the body language and presentation techniques that I had researched- and got great feedback from the Tutor! This has really increased my confidence and I am looking forward to my PDP presentation.

The only problem that I have found so far is that researching and sourcing actual legal case studies relevant to the assignment topics for Business Law is a lot harder than I thought,I have found case studies on Emerald but am finding it stressful and time consuming to filter out ones that have relevance.

To remedy this I have asked my Tutor for pointers and am holding a study group on that topic to allow my co students and myself to skill share and hopefully find an easier source to use.

All in all I am feeling pretty happy but there is ALWAYS room for improvement!




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