Time Management

I am a mother to 4 children, a wife, a sister, a friend, a carer for my Husband’s Grandparents, a Charity Ambassador for Heart UK, a Patient Expert on an NHS TEG panel and of course A Student! Because I have lots of commitments one of the areas which I panic about and need to work on is finding time to prepare properly. With assignments and presentations coming up this has worried me a lot so in order to prevent this becoming a problem and affecting my work I have formulated an action plan which enables me to estimate the amount of time needed for each project and therefore I can schedule time to work on each one- ensuring that they will be ready before deadline.

PRIORITISE WORK- In my Action Plan I seperated my assignments and presentations by putting them in priority order- Using dates by which they need to be handed in. this ensures that I am not busy working on one subject and miss the deadline for another.

GATHER RESOURCES- I researched, used my notes, class slides and books that I have bought as well as library books and websites recommended by others in the study group so that I have a comprehensive set of resources which enables me to work on any of the assignments from home at any time. This works well for me as I sometimes get unexpected free time when my Mother in Law or family have the babies. It saves me from wasting time having to get resources before beginning work.

SCHEDULE TIME TO WORK- I arranged with my Husband times when he would be available to share childcare duties/housework weekly so that I can have scheduled time to work.

ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS- I also turn off my phone at these times as distractions can cause you to waste work time. It might be an idea to let your friends know what days/times you are studying and stay off facebook to avoid the temptation of distraction.

I have found that this system has worked really well for me, I have done work on all of my Assignments and almost completed two. I will continue to do this is the future and feel this will ensure I hand in on time! 🙂



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