Presentation Power!

This week we are working on presentations! I have been so nervous about this as I haven’t had much experience of standing up in a group and talking. I feelt that my inexperience may mean that I make a mess of it and I know that I need to  conquer my fears so that I can present my topic confidently.

Identifying the problem- MY FEARS

Looking stupid


stumbling on my words

On looking into what I felt my barriers were I found that they were all about having confidence rather than research skills or sourcing topic information as I feel that I ahve the skills to  do this, it is the actual standing there infront of a group of people which is making me panic!

Solving the problem- ACTION PLAN

I have looked at the website after it was recommended to me by a friend. The website is a place where you can view people giving talks and presentations about just about any topic. I have watched lots of presentations on there and made notes on the ones I though were effective and why. Looking at body language in particular and how presenting a positive body stance can affect how both the presenter and the audience feel about what is being said. I have come to that conclusion that; **The first step to being confident is feeling confident- the first step to feeling confident is LOOKING confident** I also looked on a psychology website at ‘how to give a great presentation’, I have added the link in my blogroll, it gives some great tips to increasing your confidence and appearing in control (even if you don’t feel it!)


I have already completed the work for my presentation including a script and power point, I am booking a room in the library with a few friends from our study group with whom I feel comfortable and I know will give me honest and productive feedback, and giving my presentation to them. In order to project an image of confidence, knowledgeability and control I will be-

standing up straight, no hands in pockets, slouching or fiddling.

Making periodic eye contact with individuals around the room.

Using notes and slides to refer to but not reading from a sheet or just repeating what is on the slides.

Asking questions of my audience to involve them in the topic and keep them engaged.

Not being afraid to move around the front of the room.

keeping an open body posture, hands on hips in a confident manner and using hand movements to emphasise important points.

Hopefully I will give a successful presentation, I already feel that my confidence has greatly increased from assessing how I look to other people, and what I can do to project confidence and I am looking forward to putting my theory into practice!


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